Architecture in the United States of America

The architecture of many countries and cultures is reflected in the vast expanse of the United States of America. From the skyscrapers of New York to the ancient pueblos of New Mexico, the USA is a nation of architectural diversity. Begin your travels here.

Must-See Buildings in Northeastern USA:

  • Architecture in New York City
  • Architecture in Newport, Rhode Island

Must-See Buildings in the Southern USA:

  • Historic Jamestowne. Williamsburg, and Yorktown, VA
  • Architecture in Tennessee
  • Architecture in Washington DC

Must-See Buildings in the Midwestern USA :

  • Architecture in Chicago
  • Architecture in Missouri

Must-See Buildings in the Southwestern USA:

  • Taliesin West in Arizona
  • Architecture in Texas
  • Dallas Architecture

Must-See Buildings in the Western USA:

  • Architecture in California
  • Monterey House Styles

Must-See Buildings in the Northwestern USA:

  • The Seattle Space Needle
  • More Architecture in Seattle

Themes to Explore in the USA:

  • Antebellum Architecture
  • Gilded Age Architecture
  • The Role of Black Architects
  • Disney Architecture
  • Googie Architecture
  • American Bungalows
  • Cast Iron Architecture
  • Mid-Twentieth Century Homes
  • Post Office Buildings in the U.S.

Famous Architects in the USA:

Famous names in the history of American architecture include:

  • Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Louis Sullivan
  • Cass Gilbert
  • Frederick Law Olmsted
  • Henry Hobson Richardson
  • Buckminster Fuller
  • Paul Williams
  • Julia Morgan

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